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little black ant control involve eliminate condition conducive to ant infestation. Vegetation touching your building is a start of an infestation because of the easy access to your home or building. They will nest in almost anything. Outside they will be in the ground ,in trees, in mulch, in cracks in sidewalks and driveways, in rotted wood, under rocks, etc. Inside, black ants will nest in woodwork, masonry, wall voids, and even under carpets. When it comes to food they eat, forget about it. They eat everything. Favorites are sweets, vegetables, fruits, meats, dead insects, plant secretions, and grease.

Big black ants control-carpenter ant control

Carpenter Ants typically set up a series of nests which are all "linked" together. This network of nests can be in series enabling foraging workers and scouts to have a place of safe haven when out and about doing their chores. This structure also helps to preserve any one colony because it's rare that all the members will ever be in one location at one time. Should any one "satellite" nest be destroyed, the other nests will usually have enough members left to enable the colony to move on and survive.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little black ants will make your life miserable

Ants Ruin More Than a Picnic in Bellevue, Washington

Eastside pest control Exterminators Offer Protection Against Ants


Bellevue, May 1, 2013 – Ants just don't ruin a picnic. They can infest your home and contaminate your food. Like termites, ants can compromise the wood in your home leading to structural damage.  They can also bite humans. Seattle pest exterminators  are sharing information and tips to help Bellevue homeowners with ants.
The ant video show you how you can find the ants before they get in your home or building


Ants have trails between their nests and food storage areas. If a homeowner spots little black ants marching along near cabinets or along floorboards, it's likely a nest is near.  Ants come from outside nests, and can make their homes indoors, particularly if the wood is moist or rotting due to a water a leak in the home.  When spotting ant trails, be vigilant on cleaning your floors and counters thoroughly. Wipe all traces of food residue down with a strong cleaning solution, sweep and vacuum floors regularly. However, if the infestation is severe, property ant removal involves calling a pest exterminator for proper carpenter ant control. Ants can nest inside walls, in window casements, under flooring, and in basements. A Seattle ants control specialist can help readily identify these spots of entry and help remove the ants in a safe and non-toxic way.


Some homeowners would like to rid a home of ants using store-bought solutions.  Most sprays and baits for ant removal do not work. These sprays can also contain harmful chemicals, plus the treatments will only keep ants away temporarily. Once the spraying is halted, the ants may return and only a pest exterminator can rid the house of ants.  Baits are also a temporary solution. Real ant removal is best done by a professional.


To prevent ants from infiltrating a home, do a check of the home once each year during the warm months, at three points of day: morning, afternoon, evening. If ants are spotted moving in a trail in or out of the home, take precautions.  Clean kitchens and cabinets thoroughly. Ants are often spotted around dishwashers, sinks and shower areas, so scrub around those areas well.  Be careful of stacking firewood against the house, as it leads a direct The most thorough check of a home is performed by a professional pest exterminator who can search out the spots where ants may nest.   Eastside pest control Exterminators are ant control professionals and get rid of ants in a healthy and efficient way. to learn more how to avoid attracting ants during these warmer months.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little black ants will get in your house

Seattle residents Unpleasant Irritating Ants getting in your house or building 
The damp climate in Seattle makes for prime conditions to get ant infestations in-doors. Getting rid of ants can be a problem, because just like you they want to be where it's warm, dry and where there's lots of food. It's not at all uncommon to wake one morning to find a line of carpenter ants marching from one end of the kitchen ceiling to the other, turning to make their way toward the sink, and then down the cabinetry to that one smudge of food left in the sink before bed last night. How much fun is it to kill all those ants before work, with a line of stinky bug spray across the ceiling?

One Crafty Trick About Getting Rid Of Ants In Such A Situation
This one is better than the stinky spray across the ceiling. Of course good ant exterminators can get rid the problem for the long term. But if you wake up to the above described situation, and if you live in the Seattle area, be it Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond, Samammish, Mercer island, or Tacoma, you certainly have woken up to a line of ants.
This is the trick. It does require some ant spray, but not across the entire ceiling. Get the spray and your vacuum cleaner (hopefully you don't have an upright). spray a little bug spray around the sink and wash those ants away. Then vacuum the line of ants across the ceiling. When you get to where the carpenter ants or house ants are coming into the ceiling, use a straw against the can's sprayer to concentrate the spray on that area. That will keep them from coming in at least for awhile. Of course, after this change vacuum bags. You will have been able to mostly kill ants with the vacuum, but not all.
Next you need to call an ant exterminator. An ant exterminator can get rid of all the sources of ants on your property, including black ants as well as carpenter ants and house ants, eliminating the mounds and in-wall infestations so you don't wake up to a line of marching ants again. A good exterminator will also be able to tell you if you need termite control when getting rid of the ant problem.
No matter where you are in the Seattle area ants are a problem for every one at some time during the year. Get an exterminator to get rid of your ants today!

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